Sunday, May 13, 2007

Life in a ...Metro

When I walked into the movie theatre, I was clueless about the movie. Nor did I know the cast. So every name that came up in the starting credits was like news to me….

Let me begin with the music. I am not a great fan of Bollywood songs or music and hence I avoid discussing it. But the soundtrack is so impressive that I would like start of with it. One word for the soundtrack - Superb. Rock enthusiasts- take note. It’s an all Rock soundtrack!! Metal and Rock being my kinda music, I loved almost all the tracks in the movie…. What a fresh change from those typical Bollywood songs. Pritam Chakraborty (Music Director), you deserve an award.

As the name suggests…the rechristened name i.e. ‘Life in a…Metro’ is about the lives of people in a metropolitan city... It’s about lies and deceit. It’s about illicit love affairs. It’s about shattered dreams and of broken hearts. Kudos to Anurag Basu here for brilliantly interweaving the daily lives of the 7 lead characters. All of the 7 stars deserve a mention here but my favorite amongst them will always be Irrfan Khan. Not that others were boring. But if you’ve watched the movie, y’all know. Irrfan Khan plays Debu…who is in his late thirties and is on the hunt for his life partner. When he comes on screen, expect nothing but some comic scenes. He will make you laugh, that’s for sure…I won’t delve into each of the stories. They all are worth watching is what I can say. I was thinking all the time whether it was a copy of some Hollywood film but I couldn’t think of any. Upon coming home, I googled for it and it turns out that “Life in a… Metro” is a clear copy of 1960’s Hollywood Classic movie, “The Apartment”.

Well this doesn’t belittle “Life in a…Metro”. “Life in a… Metro” is to “The Apartment” like how “Kaante” was to “Reservoir Dogs”.

My rating 8/10. It is a must watch and the soundtrack – A must have.

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