Sunday, June 24, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen

Ocean's 11 was good...Ocean's 12 wasn't as good as Ocean's 11...But this one - Ocean's 13, has been the pick of all three, if not THE best of the movies this year.
The tagline of the movie goes - "What are the odds of getting even? 13 to one...Ocean's 13 is all about about revenge.When Reuben Tiskoff (Elliot Gould), one of the Danny Ocean's 11 member, is betrayed/double crossed by Mr Banks (Al Pacino), the other ten members decide, it's pay back time for Mr Banks. They plan a heist, rather a plot to ruin Mr Bank's new multi-million dollar casino hotel in Vegas.

Ocean's perfect team does that in style. Brad Pitt's calm, Clooney's calmer and the others...well, they are just as perfect in the execution of their duties as they were in 11 and 12. In between, Danny Ocean partners with Mr TerryBenedict (Andy Garcia) ...yep, the same casino mogul whose three grandiose casinos were robbed my none other than Danny Ocean's 11. And Terry offers to help out of his personal dislike of Mr Banks. In the end...Ocean's genius team pulling off the heist is always enjoyable and this one is no different. Steven Sorderbergh has done his part well in directing the movie and guys you do your part in watching this heist of Ocean's in theatres.It 'should'be an entertaining experience...Rating 8/10.

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