Monday, July 2, 2007

Die Hard 4.0

Lately (in 2007) there have been greatly disappointing Hollywood action flicks. All these supposedly action movies were less action and more crappy romance. Most of the time action gave way for romantic unneeded tearjerkers and what not. But the dearth of all the action of 2007 seems to have been taken care by one Mr. John McClane in Die Hard 4.0. Once again, the ‘Yippe kay Yied’ super cop, John McClane does it in good ol’ way in Live Free or Die Hard...or Die Hard 4.0. Saying that this show is action packed would be an understatement. It is ‘action every single minute of the movie’ would be a more appropriate statement….Let’s begin….
What happens when a highly skilled team of hackers led by one of the most technically proficient programmer/hacker decides to prove a point. Well, “Die Hard 4.0” happens…Kidding…nah not really. That is the plot of the movie. Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) – the Black Hat hacker- the bad guy, if you may…and his team of hackers decide to bring US of A to the knees by doing a Fire Sale attack. In hacking terms, a Fire Sale attack means to disrupt the transportation systems, steal financial records and siphon of huge amounts of money and disable public utilities (Electricity, Gas, Water). And as Thomas Gabriel does exactly that in a very well planned manner, chaos reigns throughout USA. Traffic signals stop functioning creating traffic jams all over NYC. Cars pile up in tunnel as Thomas Gabriel plays with the transportation system. Stocks plummet at Wall Street creating panic amongst the traders. Telecommunications networks are jammed and are in total control of the hackers. It gets worst at night. Cities plunge into darkness as USA is taken off the grid, zip code at a time. Everything stops functioning. Big Apple, DC and other cities literally come to standstill and are at the mercy of the hacker….(Too much automation has its disadvantages too)…
Now for the good guys - John McClane (Bruce Willis) aided by a young computer hacker, Matt Farrell (Justin Long) decide to take on Thomas Gabriel and Co. It is a mighty task and both of them compliment each other well. John McClane shows why he is a super-cop and Matt Farrell brings his forte of hacking skills to chip in his bit.
Not one instant in the movie does one get respite from the action. Crashing cars and choppers, bullets and bombs, acrobatic fights, death defying stunts, high speed chases, zooming F35’s and many more make Die Hard 4.0 a true action thriller…
Lucy McClane (Mary Elizabeth Winstead of Final Destination 3 fame) plays John’s daughter. And nope, she doesn’t indulge in any romance! Thanks Len!…She is a cop’s girl and she behaves like one…Anyways…I can keep going on and on…Can’t help it…A truly good hacking movie (since Swordfish) and an excellent action movie after a long time. It is a must watch in theatres. I repeat…A ‘must’ watch. Rating 9/10.

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