Saturday, March 24, 2007

A History of Violence

Last weekend,I went with a mate of mine to watch " The History ofViolence".The theatre was small and nearly full...err....full of boyz mostly...Well, I thought, judging from the name of the movie, the females decided to skip this one...Anyways....The movie was about 90 mins.And I must tell you folks that for those 90 mins we felt as if we were taken into the movie,into the small town and into the life of TOM STALL!!! To describe it in one word is impossible. Fantastic direction and a superb story. The movie quietly progresses engrossing you every moment and suddenly things happen.And just when you think everything is in its place-You realise it's not!.....Viggo Mortensen is just brilliant!! HOV is not gory gory at all as the title suggests.So go see it, Guys.....and Gals:)

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