Saturday, March 24, 2007

Blood Diamond

Thumbs Up for this one from Edward Zwick!! They say “Diamonds are Girl’s Best Friend” and “Diamonds are Forever”….Watch Blood Diamond to see what goes on in world of conflict diamonds.And the next time you are buying that hardened piece of carbon, you will make sure you'd ask for “Certificate of Origin”.

Diamonds mined in illegal mines are smuggled out to the western world. And this money is used to fund the conflicts. Hence the name –Conflict diamonds.

Set in Sierra Leone amidst civil wars, this is a story of a quest for a pink diamond.... Danny Archer (Leonardo Dicaprio), a smuggler, persuades Solomon Vandy (Djimon Hounsou) into partnering with him to get back the diamond that Solomon had found in one of the illegal mines. In exchange, Solomon would be united with his family. Jennifer “Lovely” Connelly is a journalist who is in Africa to write on conflict diamonds… I must say, I loved Leonardo's new South African accent every bit as much as I enjoyed the movie!! Hmm, I guess that’s enough for starters…So rush to the theatres people!

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