Saturday, March 24, 2007


Vivah - Shahid Kapur, Amrita Rao,Anupam Kher

Oh my God! Where to begin.... Well, this movie should be classified as THE boring movie of year 2006...well No, “Umrao Jaan” gives it a tough competition...Anyways lets see what was interesting in the movie...Ah, Did I say interesting!..Yeah *The Ending Credits* were the most awaited and interesting part...I was so relieved to see the EXIT sign turn on in the theatre...before I start, I would like to thank me mates, for helping me make it to the end of the movie.

Anywayz lets talk about the movie…I am not spoiling it...coz for spoiling we need to atleast have a story…Alrite, there’s this stinking rich dude whoz father decides that he’s gonna marry a typical gaon ki chori from a poor family and they end up marrying!!Thats it!! Throughout the movie, there is this typical stuff about arranged marriages...some of it is unbelievable and unbearable! The bride uses the word 'JAL' instead of ‘PANI’! …come on, we know she is simple, but'JAL'!!!!...Bollywood movies aren’t complete without songs!...So the songs in the movie are-I can’t find a word…Is there any synonym for miserable/pathetic?!...The songs make u feel that Monday mornings are much better. I will end my review by saying that it's nothing but a sheer wasteof 120 bucks. So my advice...Your family will like it. But boyz, you dare not go for it! I am still recovering from the afta effects of the movie.

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