Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest

Pirates of the Caribbean- Dead Man's Chest - Johnny Depp, Keira Knightley,Orlando Bloom,Jack Davenport
The eagerly awaited sequel is out and it was "entertaining". Jack Sparrow got the Black Pearl in the first one and now this one is a Quest for the Dead Man's chest(And so the name of the movie). What's in the chest-Watch the movie guys! I must say the entry sequence of Johnny Depp a.k.a JackSparrow is enthralling. A bunch of coffins float down to a quiet shore and a crow(or some bird, dunno) descends down on one of the coffins. Just then a gunshot is fired from the coffin exactly at the point where the crow (some bird) is sitting and an opening is formed. A hand holding a gun pops out of this hole and no guesses here- It's JACK SPARROW! Sorry, guys for spoiling this one for you.But it's worth a see. Jack Sparrow doesn't disappoint us with his typical delivery of dialogues and to support him are two stupid pirates, Ragetti and Pintel, who always provide some comic relief. Then there is the beautiful Ms Elizabeth Swann(Keira Knightley) and WillTurner(Orlando Bloom) and their undying love. Ahem! For a while it seems she loves Jack Sparrow but only for a while! You'll know why:) Much of the movie is concentrated upon filthy slimy awful looking sea phantoms-DavyJones and his army. Just when we think the movie is stretching a bit too far there comes Jack Sparrow and we don't mind him. Do we?! He truly is the hero of the movie!Aye, Aye Captain. Guys, there is third one coming out for sure! My rating for this one - 3/5.

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